Bratang Flower Market, Surabaya

Surabaya is a house to many interesting places of interest. There are so many wonderful tourist attractions here. We want to invite you to visit the Bratang flower market. What’s great about this place? It has a really unique atmosphere and there is a wide array of flora to be found here. This is one of the tourist sites that you have to visit once you arrive in this city. This is a paradise to ornamental plant enthusiasts because it has a wide collection of wonderful plant species.

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This is also the right place to go if you want to see different kinds of birds. This should be added to your itinerary. The Bratang flower market still retains its traditional charm. Yes, this looks feels so understated and inviting. It is located on the Bratang Binangun Street, Surabaya. What can you do here? Well, it is like visiting a flower festival. All you see here is flowers and plants. If you are interested in taking some home, you can buy them.

This place is located quite close to the Taman Kebun Bibit Bratang. There are many sellers offering different things. Hence, there are plenty of species you will meet here. Every booth occupies not a really broad area, but there are still a lot of varieties sold. Those plants are classified into different categories. There are tropical flowers that thrive in dry environments. This is Indonesia after all and we know it is sunny throughout the year here except for a few months.

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The plants are put into containers and displayed elegantly. It is easy to feel tempted with such a beautiful arrangement. If you want to know the names of the plants, ask the sellers. They can tell you everything about the plants they sell. The flowers in particular are hypnotizing because they look very beautiful. There are many that we can mention, such as the Palm Phoenix, Camadorea, etc. That’s all about the Bratang flower market in Surabaya.






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