Darmo Trade Center

As a big city, it does not take us by surprise that many tourist attractions in Surabaya are very crowded. There are a lot of things that you can actually do there. Do you like going to the mall? There are many shopping malls across the city. If you want to spend this holiday by spending money, then you should go to Darmo Trade Center. There are many similar shopping centers in the city, but the unique part of this particular one-stop shopping is the fact that it meets modern and traditional concepts.

If you want to buy traditional stuff, then head to the traditional retailers. There is a wide variety of things sold by the merchants. They sell daily needs, souvenirs, and other things we commonly see in modern and traditional markets. Darmo Trade Center is also a perfect place for you to buy clothes at low prices. With those offers, no wonder that this place is crowded with visitors every day.

Darmo Trade Center

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Is it easy to get there? Yes, literally. The ease of access it another reason why people like to come to this place. Before it was renamed to Darmo Trade Center, it was called the Wonokromo market. Of course, it started as a traditional market. These markets are usually considered dirty and unkempt, but ever since the area was restored and transformed into a modern market, it no longer feels like it was.

This place is most crowded on weekends, so if you do not want to get stuck in the crowds, avoid coming here during those days. There are many great spots around the area, usually the merchants that sell sandals and shoes, most of which are products by the home industry. There are also many sellers of clothing that have a wide selection of t-shirts for young people. The price tags are very tempting, so you can come here and grab some.






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