Grahadi Building

The Grahadi Building is one of the historic sites in the City of Surabaya. It was built in 1795 under the supervision of Residan Dirk Van Hogendorps. As for now, the building is still used by the Governor of East Java. If you know how to get to the Tunjungan Plaza, then you will not find a problem to get there as both places are pretty close together. In the local language, the name Grahadi is formed from two words, which are Graha and Adi. Together they form a word which literally means a home with high dignity. It shows from how strong the construction is. It still stands firm to this day.

If you want to know what it looks like up close, then go visit the building. The two-storey building was built on an area of ​​16.284m2. There are several rooms inside. There are a guest room and a few other important rooms for different purposes. It is open to the public. If you want to enter the building, make sure you come here before Thursday because it is open 4 days a week, from Monday to Thursday. You can not go straight to the place before sending a prior notice. Though it is functioned as a tourist attraction, you are required to notify them before coming to visit the place.


Image source: Foursquare

This building is a heritage of the Colonial Era. It shows clearly from the architectural design. Though it has been there for over 200 years, it still looks strong and authentic like the first time it was established. At the front, you can see four pillars standing upright. They support the primary construction of the building. Visitors can also look at the walls decorated with reliefs. The reliefs tell a story about the struggle of the People of Surabaya. There are many unique things found around and inside the building. There are 2 cannons, one of which is placed outside. They are still well-maintained. That’s all you need to know about the Grahadi Building.





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