Indonesian Cuisine: Gado-gado

Gado-gado looks like a salad, but it is far from having a plain taste. In fact, it is rich in flavor. If you want to try this while visiting Surabaya, you can find it everywhere. It is easy to make as it requires only boiled vegetables, tempeh, tofu, eggs, potatoes, and some other ingredients. They are served on a plate and doused with peanut sauce. It sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it? Well, there are similar dishes in other places, so it comes as no surprise if you have tasted it before especially if you are into Indonesian cuisine.

You can eat it with rice or lontong. We have told you how to make lontong before. It is made of rice, but wrapped in a banana leaf before boiling. The sauce is made of several spices, only it does not include aromatic ginger. Other similar dishes use it, so they have slightly different flavors.  While others use mostly boiled veggies, this one also adds sources of protein, like tempeh, tofu, and eggs. Not only delicious, it is also very healthy.

Gado Gado

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Hence, you must definitely give it a try. Gado-gado was derived from the local language, but most Indonesian people seem to know that. It is very popular in Surabaya and other cities, including Jakarta. In other words, even if you do not plan a trip to Surabaya, it is still highly possible to find this food anywhere. It is pocket-friendly, does not cost more than the majority of Indonesian dishes.

Interestingly enough, many foreign visitors are addicted to this food and they never miss the opportunity to eat it whenever they come to Surabaya. You can ask your tour guide about favorite restaurants that sell gado-gado. There are many references, but you need to ask for recommendation to get to a restaurant that sells the most delicious gado-gado. If you prefer to make it alone, just make sure you read the ingredients. They are easy to find in traditional markets here.





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