Indonesian Cuisine: Lontong Balap

Indonesian culinary is diverse. If you want to visit Surabaya, make sure you do not miss the next menu we will be talking about. It is called Lontong Balap. It is one of the most iconic foods here. Back in the day, sellers used to sell this food alternately, so they had to rush working with the tools. This was the history behind the name given to this delicious food.

Lontong Balap is a tasty dish. It is made of typical Asian spices. There are a lot of different ingredients used, so it is rich in flavor. Some of the sellers have been serving it for decades. Since it is one of the favorite dishes among the locals, it will not take long until you can find it because there are a lot of food stalls that offer this menu. Here are some of the ingredients. ‘Lontong’ is one of them, and if you are curious to know what it is.

Lontong Balap

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It is actually rice wrapped in banana leaves, and is brought to a boil. The rice will be solidified after the process and it can be served with different ingredients. Onions, garlic, shrimp and scallions are some of the basic ingredients. However, you may find the taste varies from one seller to another. It comes as no surprise because besides the main ingredients, there are a lot of different spices that can be added. The more spices added, the tastier the food will be.

With a clear broth and a nice flavor, it will increase your appetite. It can be served with a spicy sauce to improve the taste. It also uses beef, another ingredient that contributes to the rich flavor of Lontong Balap. The cooking is pretty easy, but it is not like you have to wait for hours before serving. It usually has been fully cooked before it is brought to a food stall. It takes only a few minutes to prepare for a bowl of this tasty dish.





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