Indonesian Cuisine: Pecel Semanggi

Every place in the world has a lot of uniqueness. When it comes to culinary, Indonesia is a country that has a lot to offer because there are numerous traditional dishes in every city. If you want to come here, we suggest you try Pecel Semanggi. Well, you may not feel unfamiliar with it just yet, but this is actually very popular among the locals.

As with other traditional foods, this dish also has some main ingredients. Cloverleaf is one of them. The leaves are steamed until they become the tender and then be served with others. Embark on your gastronomical journey by trying this food. Besides the ingredients, the sauce is also rich in flavor. It is what sets it apart from other dishes. We know that there are countless dishes here and some use similar ingredients, but they still have different flavors for using different spices.

Pecel Semanggi

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Other important ingredients include kale, sprouts, rice crackers, etc. Is it easy to find this food here? If you love culinary, it does not take too long to come across sellers of Pecel Semanggi because they are everywhere. You can also ask your tour guide about places where this food is easy to find. Clover is a member of the Salviniales. This plant thrives in Indonesia, which is why this food is also easy to make.

It is primarily because the primary ingredient is easy to find. The plant grows in the rice fields. It needs water to survive, so do not be surprised if you can spot it on the edge of the irrigation channels. This food is an icon of Surabaya. It has a distinct taste. Never leave the city before you try this traditional cuisine because it is that iconic. It is like a salad, only with a richer taste because the sauce is made of spices. Salad is quite tasteless, but this is a typical Asian food that has a decent taste. That’s all about Pecel Semanggi.





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