Indonesian Cuisine: Tahu Tek

Tofu is a great source of vegetable protein. We need protein to maintain the vitality of the body. Protein is also beneficial to replace damaged cells and give us energy. Traveling to Surabaya is fun. What is tofu to do with the destination? Well, tofu is one of the most famous foods in Surabaya. There are many local dishes made of this foodstuff. One of the delicious dishes is called Tahu Tek.

If you like other traditional foods in here, chances are you feel quite familiar with this food because it also uses similar ingredients and spices. It is made of out fried tofu. It is fried and then cut into slices. After that, we have to prepare for sliced ‘lontong’. Both are served on a plate and then doused with sauce. To cut the tofu, scissors are needed. That is why anytime you visit a food stall that sells Tahu Tek, you will realize that the seller is working with his scissors.

Tahu Tek

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There are many other ingredients needed to improve the taste, such as sprouts, cucumbers, and potatoes. This food is similar to a salad. Only the difference is salad usually tastes plain and uses olive oil in place of sauce. But in terms of health, salad is very healthy because it is made of veggies. We know that leafy greens are very beneficial for health. Since know Tahu Tek use veggies, it is safe to say that this food also provides health benefits.

Do not worry, it is not junk food. Tofu is known for its healthful content, so there is nothing to worry about it. The sauce is what makes this dish special. Though there are many local dishes to be found in Surabaya, they use different sauces. This one has a unique taste, so you have to try. To make it better, you can eat it with shrimp crackers. The sauce is made of chilies, garlic, fried peanuts, and water.





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