Kaza City Mall

We will be talking about Kaza, one of the shopping malls in Surabaya. Malls are one of the things that define a city. It is because many cities have well-known shopping malls. If you want to come to Surabaya and know the malls located across the city, please check out Kaza City Mall. This is more than just a place for shopping. This is also a trade center and a fresh market. It is unique compared to others because we prefer to call it as an integrated area.

Of course, there are a lot of things that you can do here. It is because the mall is situated in a strategic location. It does not take long for you to get to this place especially if you are in the city center now. It is surrounded by important public facilities. Here are a few things you can see. The tenants are mostly popular companies that you may have been familiar with. Hoka-hoka Bento, D’cost, Optik Seis, Optik Melawai, Cimo Cimi, Fladeo, Kidz Station, they are only some of so many stores to be found in this area.

Kaza Mall

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So basically, whenever you need to buy something, just come to this mall because there is something for everyone. If you like Dunkin Donuts, one of the branches is open in Kaza City Mall. It becomes more interesting because aside from stores, you can also find exhibitions, competitions, and other incredible events held in the building. It is also used for the grand launch of products. Anytime a product is going to be launched, it may be introduced to people in this place.

Kaza Mall Surabaya

Image source: Foursquare

For this reason, you should not miss this opportunity because products sold during such events are probably cheaper than their actual prices. What are the facilities? There are a lot, obviously. Aside from the car park that can handle a thousand cars, there is also a parking lot inside the building that can accommodate around 700 motorcycles. Kaza is located at 45, Kapas Krampung Street, Surabaya.





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