Kenjeran Beach

If you miss marine tourism, spend time to visit the Kenjeran Beach. It is one of allures of the city of Surabaya. Crowned as a metropolitan city, Surabaya still has many natural attractions you can visit. There are many things to do at the Kenjeran Beach. People regard it as an amusement park because there are a lot of rides available there. It is really like a playground where you can find a slide, a carousel, and other rides. All these facilities are provided to make people happy. It also is a way to attract more visitors. It is not only for the locals. If you happen to be here for a vacation or want to come here, this is one of the places to go.


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The beach is like any other beach. It has fresh air and awesome views. You will enjoy your every second in this place. The coastal area is still maintained, so you rarely see garbage thrown around. There are many great things to do besides playing sand or swimming. There is also sports equipment for sale. For those who enjoy sports a lot, you will be happy by the service. This is a family-friendly attraction. Take your family to pay a visit on the weekend. They will be very happy enjoying all the rides, like a waterboom, a swimming pool, and others.

Kenjeran Surabaya

Image source: Foursquare

While the beach is crowded with visitors, it takes serious efforts of the local government to preserve the coastal ecosystems. It still has the potential to be a favorite destination for tourists. There are unique sightings you can as you stroll down the beach. Pay attention to the buildings on the beachfront. They are designed with Chinese architecture. This is one of the things that make foreigners come here. They want to see the unique architecture of the buildings lined up by the beach. As the night comes, the beach will turn into a beautiful place bathed in the light of lanterns.






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