Patung Buddha Empat Wajah

Patung buddha empat wajah or the Statue of Four-faced Buddha is one of the tourist attractions in the City of Surabaya. It is actually a place you have to visit during a trip to this city. Here are a few unique things about the statue. It was awarded as the largest four-faced Buddha monument by MURI. MURI is an association that honors Indonesian records. It is like the Indonesian version of the Guinness Book of Records Worlds. The statue is spectacular, built with such great craftsmanship. The dimensions of the monument are 9 feet tall with an area of ​​2,422 square feet. If the height of the dome sheltering the statue is included, then the total height would be 36 meters.

buddha four face buddha 4 wajah

Image source: foursquare

This place was opened to the public on November, 9th, 2004. The construction cost around £ 4 billion. It is built on an area of ​​1.5 hectares, so there are many things you can basically see during your visit. Do you want to know the meaning behind the Buddha statue? The statue symbolizes 4 goodness of Buddha, which are liberal, patience, meditated, and unbiased. It encourages people to be compassionate towards each other and implement all the good teachings of Buddha. Everyone should assist and help others without discrimination. It also teaches us to keep praying and hold our faith tighter whenever we have problems in life.

The Statue of Buddha has eight hands. Each one of those hands holds a different thing, such as holy water, holy book, a weapon, etc. This was not the only statue built in this place. Not far from the main statue, there are 4 Elephant Statues placed on each corner. Also, there are three lotus pools along with a meditation area. The complex is illuminated with 12 bronze and copper lamps. You can come to visit the place anytime. However, you have to get your ticket first before entering the area. The entrance ticket is not expensive, so feel free to come here anytime you want.






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