Tambak Dukuh House Of Batik

Tambak Dukuh House Of Batik is a place to visit in Surabaya. Batik is traditional Indonesian clothing. It is an icon of Indonesia. The interesting part is that every region in Indonesia has a distinctive batik. Each batik symbolizes a particular culture. If you want a closer look of the cultural diversity of Indonesia, then you can find out through this clothing. A piece of batik batik fabric tells a unique story. It has a lot of meanings. Some people even think that a piece of batik fabric contains prayers. Batik has been around for ages, long before modern clothes is introduced in Indonesia.

This fabric can be used for a variety of needs. Aside from manufactured into clothing, batik can also be transformed into decorative pieces. You can use them to decorate your home. The House of Batik has a wide range of collection. This house is on the 4th of the Tambak dukuh Street, Surabaya. Those who want to understand the uniqueness of batik can come here to find out. This is open to the public from Monday to Friday. Therefore, anytime you have spare time, just come there and see their collections. As said earlier, there are many types of batik originated from different parts of the country. They represent 16 regencies, actually. As we all know, every batik is unique in its own way. It has a typical pattern that other batiks do not have.

House Of Batik

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There is one fun fact you need to know about this cultural heritage. Batik has been named by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of Indonesia. This is why the fabric is widely used for uniforms. We feel that every batik looks beautiful. It is really a subjective matter. It is not hard to understand if you are more interested in certain batiks due to the unique patterns. Well, they are all stunning. Is it hard to make batik? It takes serious skills, actually. It takes months to years for someone to be skilled at doing this seamlessly.






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