The Governor Suryo Monument

Do you need more travel ideas in Surabaya? Do not worry about tourist attractions because there are many of them in Surabaya. The big city houses some of the most popular places in the country, so you can visit many places just in case you have a lot of time to spend here. The Governor Suryo Monument is what we will introduce to you this time around. There are some interesting facts you have to know.

At a glance, there is nothing really groundbreaking about the statue. It looks like any other statue, but it keeps the history of Indonesia. Hence, it means a lot to us. It was not easy for the people to fight against the colonials. They had to fight tooth and nail to defend the country’s sovereignty. They had to fight against the colonials before they finally left. November of 1945 was a historic month because during that particular month, the people of Surabaya tried to fight back bravely.

Monumen Gubernur Suryo

Image source: Foursquare

They gave everything even though they were not equipped with modern weapons. This monument was created to honor the Governor Suryo because he was very brave to fight against the invaders. It was really a bleak yet encouraging moment for the people of Surabaya because they tried their best to save their nation. The Governor Suryo Monument was established for this purpose. We have to remember his good favor and learn from him.

It is not hard to reach this place. Just ask people about the location of the Grahadi Building. Once you know that, you can get to the site with ease because it is actually located in front of it. It is on the Pemuda Surabaya Street. There is also the Nirom Radio Building, but it has been converted into a hotel. There are many things to see here. Besides the primary monument, you can also rest in the flower garden that also has a water fountain. The Governor Suryo Monument is crowded by visitors at certain times. They come from inside and outside the city.






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