WR. Soepratman Museum

Wage Rudolf Supratman is a popular name in Indonesian history because he was the author of the Indonesian national anthem. He was born on March 9, 1903. His father’s name was Senen. He got his music skills after he had seriously learned about playing the guitar and violin. If you want to know the history of this great hero, then you can pay a visit to WR. Soepratman Museum.

There are a lot of things displayed inside the museum. It was in 1914 when he traveled to Makassar to follow Roekijem. At that time, he went to school and it was funded by Willem Van Eldik which turned out to be Roekijem’s husband. He studied Dutch language for like 3 years before finally being graduated from the school. He then continued his studies by attending Normaalschool.

wr soepratman

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He spent much of his time studying in Makassar and at the age of 20, he was appointed as a teacher. He tought students in Angka 2 School. While he was living there, he learned a lot about music from his brother-in-law. Willem Van Eldik was his music coach at that time and from him, he knew a lot about playing instruments, such as violin. At a later stage of his career, he learned to compose songs. He then was asked by the Indonesian music experts to compose a national anthem which later became the National Anthem of Indonesia.

October of 1928 was another milestone for him because he took part in a Youngster Congress that spawned a pledge known as “Sumpah Pemuda”. Later that night, he was asked to perform the National Anthem for the first time ever and it became a historic moment in his life. It was echoed publicly and everybody was overwhelmed with joy while listening to that great song. If you want to know his history more, then please visit WR. Soepratman Museum because there is lots of information to dig up in this place.





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