Indonesian Cuisine: Zangrandi Ice Cream

When the temperatures are soaring, it is the perfect time to get some ice cream to keep the body cool. If you are in Surabaya, you have to know Zangrandi ice cream. This is a great place to visit for ice cream enthusiasts. Do you consider yourself an ice cream lover? Well, then this is not to be missed. There is a wide selection of items offered. This shop has ice cream of different flavors. Another thing that we like is the way they set up the interior. It feels so traditional inside.

The fact that this place is located in the middle of a modern city really boosts its unique appeal. This has become a favorite place to visit by the locals. Hence, do not be surprised if you meet so many people here. Indonesia has a tropical climate, so it is hot throughout the year unless it is the rainy season. It was established in 1930, so this is by no means a new building. It was called Renato Zangrandi back then.

Zangrandi Ice Cream

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As time passed by, the shop was renamed and now it is called Zangrandi ice cream. This shop has been so popular since the days gone by. You can see that from the old photographs displayed on the walls. This is another reason why you have to come here. It can improve your knowledge about the culture of Surabaya. Zangrandi ice cream has gone through renovations for a few times, so it still stands strong to this day.

The old-school vibes radiate out of the furnishings and other details of the interior. The chairs are made of rattan. As we all know, rattan is a very durable material. It lasts for years as long as it is maintained properly. The interior is geared towards the European style. It is great to feel such an ambiance in this day and age when everything screams modern. Besides ice cream, there are also snacks and other food items to be found here.





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