Wisata Hutan Mangrove Wonorejo

People come to Surabaya for a variety of purposes. For those who enjoy eco tourism more than anything, you can come to the Wonorejo Mangrove Forest because there are many things to learn about nature here. Even with the rapid growth of the city, there is still a beautiful place that you can visit here. Mangrove has a major role in the absorption of water. It holds the land and makes it denser. As we all know, mangrove roots are anchored into the ground. It makes the soil structure more resistant to abrasion and erosion.

Hutan Mangrove

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Although mangrove ecosystems are nothing new, this place is still worth a visit. This forest is under development by the local government. It is actually intended for conservation, but it has been converted into a tourist spot. You can come here with family in your spare time. It is fun to ride through the wild. The lush greenery will refresh your mind and make you relieved. Yes, this is the right place for a quiet break away. The mangrove forest provides many benefits. It is expected to control flooding.

The mangrove area has the potential to be developed. Surabaya has a lot of interesting places that haven’t been developed thoroughly, this is one of them. Some aspects of the mangrove forest can still be improved, so that travelers are becoming more interested in visiting this place. There are many varieties of mangroves found here. If you walk along the beach, you will spot different varieties of mangroves.

Hutan Mangrove Surabaya

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Eco tourism is quite rare in this big city. Surabaya has become a big city just like Jakarta, so finding green spaces is very difficult. This is your opportunity to breathe fresh air. Many people come to this conservation area to unwind. Taman Bungkul is located not far from here. You can go straight to the attraction after enjoying thhe exotic place. The facilities are adequate. There are restaurants, fishing ponds, and toilets here.






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