A Visit to Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Monument)

Surabaya has many historic sites. If you want to visit this city, we suggest you come to one of the most historic sites there, called Tugu Pahlawan or Heroes Monument. It keeps the history of the city’s past. It was built to honor the heroes who died on the battlefield. It was the battle of Surabaya which inspired the construction of this monument. The tragedy occurred on November 10, 1945.

The tragedy involved the townspeople against allied forces. They fought against the forces who wanted the place. It marked the first war after the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence. Many people lost their lives in the battle. Since then, the memorable day is celebrated as the Day of the Hero. There are many interesting things to do in Tugu Pahlawan. Of course, you come there not only to enjoy the place and all the relics, but also to honor all the heroes who fell in battle.

The monument is crowned as a landmark of the city. With a height of 41.15 meters, the monument looks like towering into the sky. If you want to visit the place, you have to head to the Governor’s Office first because the monument is located nearby. It is not the only historic site. There are other heroic statues located not far from there, which are a statue of President Ir. Soekarno which is known as the former president of Indonesia, along with a statue of Drs. Mohammad Hatta.

There you can see historical objects that have to do with the battle. There is also November 10 Museum. You can also take a walk to the place just in case you are very interested in historical relics. The two-story museum has the shape of a pyramid. It is not the only allure of the place. There you can also find statues of three men, all of which hold bamboo spears in their hands. It is not free to enter the museum as you have to bring a ticket. A ticket is only needed if you want to get into the building. To see the Heroes Monument, admission is not needed.






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