BG Junction Mall

BG Junction Mall

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Shopping is one of the most common things people do during a vacation. Do you plan to visit Surabaya? There are many shopping centers to be found across the city. They spread across multiple locations, so it will not be long for you to arrive at the closest mall from your hotel. We will introduce to you the BG Junction Mall. It looks like any other mall, but there is still a wide range of things available here. If your home stay is somewhere near the Bubutan Street, then you can get here within minutes because the mall is situated on that street.

This is the way to kill time if you have nothing to do in the hotel. It occupies a strategic location because it is fairly easy to reach the public facilities from there. It is located in the heart of the city, not to mention that the building is soaring into the sky, so you will notice it from a distance. BG Junction Mall has gone through restoration after it was destroyed by fire a few years ago.

This is a 6-storey mall with some department stores occupying each floor. On the ground level, you will find some well-known food chains, such as Hoka-Hoka Bento and Solaria. If you need some new electronics, the ground floor also has some merchants that sell these items. There you will also see jewelry stores, bookstores, etc.

The lobby level and upper ground are Carrefour. As you may know, it has all the daily needs, so whenever you need to shop for monthly needs, just come here and buy them all. There is also a food court one the level 1. If you want to try some Indonesian dishes, this is the right place to go. Besides, there are cell phone sellers and Gamezone for kids. Just in case you want to take the kids with you, let them enjoy their time at Gamezone. That’s all you need to know about the BG Junction Mall.






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