Bungkul Park, Surabaya

The Bungkul Park is one of the famous tourist spots in Surabaya. If you want to get around Surabaya, then do not forget to stop at this destination. It is located on the Darmo Street, Surabaya. There are some interesting things you need to know about the park. The facilities are quite comprehensive. You can find a jogging track, a children’s playground, and some amusing rides. This is a family-friendly location. Hence, on the weekend you can take your family to visit this place. There is even an internet connection provided here. It will be great to carry your gadgets and surf through the internet while enjoying the surroundings.


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Do you have a clue where the name came from? The Bungkul Park was actually named after a famous figure. He was a popular theologian in the reign of Majapahit. Since the tourist attraction is situated in the heart of the city, it will not be hard to get there. There is a variety of transport modes. You can either reach this place by car or public transport. The views are incredible and fresh, no wonder because the place is actually a park. It is also commonly used for cultural events to take place.

Taman Bungkul

Image source: Foursquare

In one area, you can find food stalls that offer tasty dishes. This is a great opportunity to taste the local cuisine, like bakso and rawon. The park is almost always crowded by visitors. This is one of so many icons of Surabaya. With that being said, if you are in the city right now, do not miss it. A glimpse of the history of the Bungkul Park, it was actually inaugurated in March, 2007. Day after day, people have started to see the appeal. More and more people come to visit and spend time there. As new facilities are added, it is getting more crowded as many people want to spend their free time here.

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