Delta Plaza, Surabaya

Several shopping malls in Surabaya are very large. Where do you want to hang out on the weekend? There are many great places, but the Delta Plaza seems to be a perfect place to spend time with friends or family. This shopping center has been there for so long. It is located in the heart of the city, so it is not hard to access. Do you know the Submarine Monument? That alone is enough information to get to this place because of the plaza is only a few yards from the monument. With that in mind, you can visit these great places one after the other. The first historic site can provide you with a cultural tour to learn more about the local cultural heritage.

After you’ve done visiting the Monkasel, you can head to the plaza. There are many things you can do there. Talking about the history, it comes as no surprise that a lot of horror stories originate from this area. Before the mall was built, this was originally a hospital named the Dr. Soetomo Hospital. Can you imagine how scary it is knowing how this large mall was built on an area previously a hospital? Well, this is not that scary when you visit the mall during the day. Even at night, the place is crowded with visitors. The 6-storey mall has become a favorite for the locals to spend their free time.

Plaza Surabaya

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There are different things to be found here, pretty much like any other mall. The basement floor covers different merchants. There you can find some popular brands, such as Hoka-Hoka Bento, Dunkin ‘Donuts, JCO, KFC, Texas Fried Chicken, and many more. There are jewelry stores if you need to enrich your collection. People come here to kill time, which is why it makes a perfect stopover on the weekend. There are stores of nearly everything. You can even find drug stores, baby shops, and banks here. There’s much more to see. Please go check out the place yourself or with someone special.

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