G-Walk Surabaya

We can find night markets in many places in Indonesia. If you are here in Surabaya, you can think of coming to G-Walk Surabaya. We want to specifically discuss this wonderful place. Spend your weekend with family by walking around this place. There are a lot of things to see around, like local dishes. This a nightlife spot in Surabaya. For your information, this is actually part of Citraland. It is a great opportunity for you to explore both places.


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As said before, there are many things to see here, but the foods are so mouthwatering. You have to try all the dishes. If you have a thing for Asian cuisine, we bet you will find it like a paradise. There are lontong balap, tahu campur, gado-gado, ketan durian, and much more. All these dishes have different flavors. They are made of a variety of ingredients and spices. We know that spices are what makes the Indonesian dishes very special because each item is made of a list of spices that you may not find in western countries.

G-Walk Surabaya has everything for your family. As a place for entertainment, it is a great idea to spend time with family here. The night market is more than just about culinary though that is what sets the tone for the whole area. You can also find western cuisine. Let’s say you can’t really get into Asian cuisine, you can try the pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, and other popular western foods. The park is glittering with light.

There is also Wi-Fi surrounding the area, which means you can enjoy the foods while chatting with friends on Facebook or browsing through the internet. There are a bunch of cafes and restaurants across the area, so you have so many choices. If your holiday here coincides with the Citraland Superfest, you will have the chance to see the artistic performances from Korea and Japan. There’s much more we can talk about G-Walk Surabaya.




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