Indonesian Cuisine: Sate Kol

Sate kol is a well-known dish from Surabaya. It is made of soft-bodied animals that live in the rice fields. They are like shells, but not exactly the same. If you want to try this food, then Surabaya is the right place to go because it is quite easy to find the delicious treat in this city. It is usually served with lontong. We have told you before what this is. Lontong is basically rice wrapped in a banana leaf and then boiled for a while until the rice becomes solid.

In many other places in Indonesia, you can find similar dishes, but they use other meats, like beef, chicken, fish, and others. It does not matter what it is made from, that is the spices that make this food special. After the satay is grilled, it is then covered with soy sauce and seasoning. There are some ingredients that you have to buy just in case you want to make Sate kol yourself.

Sate Kol

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Aside from the main ingredient, which is the kol itself, you will need ginger, soy sauce, bay leaves, lemongrass, and cooking oil. This sounds simple compared to other dishes that need a lot more spices. Yes, this food is not that complicated to make, so we believe you can cook it as long as the ingredients have all been prepared. Red peppers, garlic, onion, cilantro, brown sugar, and turmeric are used to improve the taste.

Most Indonesian foods use these ingredients. In fact, you can find them in other countries across Southeast Asia because they are typical Asian spices. The cooking of Sate kol is quite easy and does not take much time. You will have to saute all the spices. You will need to make a paste out of all the crushed spices. After that, the paste needs to be rubbed evenly on the satay before it is baked. Once it is done, you will need to make the sauce. If you do not have much time, just visit a food stall to taste this food.





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