Indonesian Cuisine: Kupang Lontong

Speaking of Indonesian cuisine, kupang lontong is one of those dishes you can find easily throughout Surabaya. The sellers commonly sell this food at the food stalls. Surabaya is one of the biggest cities in Indonesia, actually. Hence, if you plan to fly over there for a holiday, we suggest you not to miss the local cuisine because there are many tasty dishes to be found her. Kupang lontong is cooked traditionally.

This food has been around for a long time. When it comes to tastes, if you are not used to Asian flavors, you may find it strange at first. But if you have always Asian spices, you will enjoy this food a lot. This food can not only be found in Surabaya. Other neighboring cities also have this food because people just love that. This dish is very durable, so even if you leave it in the open air, it will not be easy to become stale.

Kupang Lontong

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We really love the taste of this food. You should love it, too. This traditional food is very iconic and delicious. If you want to know how the main raw material is obtained, please visit the fishing village. They collect kupang every day. Kupang is similar to oysters, but not really. There are still differences, but they are quite similar in general. To make it is not hard, because you have to only prepare for kupang, seasoning paste and lontong.

Other additional ingredients you can add include sprouts, shaved cassava, and garlic fries. To enrich the flavor, you can also splash lime juice on this food. Lime makes the food very fresh. You can enjoy kupang lontong every day if you will because it is available everywhere. It makes a perfect dish to eat in summer because it tastes fresh and delicious. The main ingredient is not only taken from nature, but it is also cultivated for consumption.






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