Indonesian Cuisine: Rawon

Rawon is a tasty local dish from Surabaya. Actually, this food is also available in other places, but it comes under different names. You can try it and feel how great it tastes. What are the main ingredients? As with many other Indonesian dishes, this is made of meat. The spices are what make this food delicious because without them, it will be tasteless.

Speaking of this Indonesian food, you need to know how to make beef tender because it is the main ingredient. It is much better when the meat is tender. It takes hours of boiling to soften the structure of the meat. Rawon has several characteristics. We know that there are foods that have a clear broth. This is totally the opposite because when it is fully cooked, you will not be able to see through the brooth because it is so thick.


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The color comes from the mix of spices. Yes, Rawon actually looks very appealing with the thick flavor and color. It is not difficult to find this food in Surabaya because it is everywhere around the city. Beef is one of the primary ingredients, as we said before. It cut into small slices according to taste. Lemongrass is also needed to enrich the flavor. It contributes to the aroma of Rawona as well. Additionally, you need a few orange leaves to give the dish freshness.

Other complementary ingredients include sprouts, ginger, salt, etc. Many people say that the cooking is not too complicated. We agree with it to some extent, but it takes long to finish. We have to wait until the meat tender becomes before we can turn off the stove. Onions and garlic are the essential spices. Interestingly enough, the majority of Indonesian dishes include both and they have pretty much become staple ingredients. Ginger, turmeric, nutmeg and chili are also needed. See, Rawon is made of a variety of spices, no wonder it has such a rich flavor.




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