Indonesian Cuisine: Tahu Campur

Tahu Campur is one of the popular Indonesian dishes. It is known by people across the country, especially Surabaya. The ingredients are like a typical Indonesian dish. The sauce is also made of traditional spices which you should have been familiar with. Tofu is a great food that packs a lot of protein. This makes the food very healthy. As a result, eating Tahu Campur will not only satisfy your hunger fangs, but you will also reap benefits from the food that’s made of soybean liquid.

This can be part of your daily diet. Since it contains protein, this can be a healthy substitute to meat. There are many health benefits offered. It has been proven to lower high cholesterol and has compounds to fight against cancer. There are many more things that we can talk about the main ingredient, but we want to explain to you about Tahu Campur more.

Tahu Campur

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Actually, dishes made of similar ingredients can be found everywhere, but they probably have different names. If you want to take a trip to Surabaya and try the local cuisine, you should not skip this one. It looks like Ketupat Tahu, another local dish from Central Java. They look sort of identical, but probably have to do with the fact that both use tofu as the primary ingredient. When it comes to tastes, they are slightly different.

The peanut sauce is what makes this food very delicious. It is not hard to make, actually. As long as all the spices have been prepared, you can make it within minutes. Besides Surabaya, this food can also be found in neighboring cities. Just go to Lamongan, there are many food stalls that offer this food as well. The unique taste is very tempting. You will probably find it so tempting and want to try it again and again. Other complementary ingredients include noodles, cassava, bean sprouts, and some vegetables. That’s all about Tahu Campur.

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