The Statue of Buddha Joko Dolog

You may have skipped some places during a visit to a destination. Well, if you want to visit Surabaya and plan on staying there a little longer, then do not forget to come to the Statue of Buddha Joko Dolog. This is an interesting historic site located in the Apsari Park, Surabaya. According to legend, the construction of the statue was finished in 1289 AD. It was made in the tomb Wurare. At that time, he was known as a popular figure in Kedungwulan.

It was established in order to pay homage to Putra Kertanegara. He was the king who ruled the kingdom of Singosari back in the day. Not only did he have a broad knowledge, but he was also loved for being down to earth and wise. He was also an expert in the field of law. He had an aspiration to get together the nation of Indonesia. It is interesting that the Statue of Buddha Joko Dolog was found inside an elephant cage.

Arca Joko Dolog Surabaya

Image source: Foursquare

It was then relocated and ended up in Surabaya, the Apsari Park to be exact. 1827 marked the year of the relocation. People who love the history of Buddha like to visit this place to pay homage and appreciate the history attached to the statue. When it comes to the structure, it is clear that the statue was made from andesite because it is black colored. That was not the only color that you will find. It is covered with an orange-colored robe.

Arca Joko Dolog

Image source: Foursquare

There is also a bowl used to stick incense. There is another item you can see, which is an inscription. It was made long ago and written in Sanskrit. It was named after the name stated in the inscription, which was Wurare. It was allegedly written by someone named Nada. The statue keeps the history of the founding of this place. Hence, you should take time to come here and see what they have here. The discovery of the statue can not be separated from the legend that was trusted by the locals. That’s all about the Statue of Buddha Joko Dolog.





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