Tunjungan Plaza Shopping Mall

If you want to know the biggest shopping center in Surabaya, it is the Tunjungan Plaza. As a major city, it is not hard to find shopping centers here. It was opened in 1986. There are several sections of the shopping complex. The last one was built in 2001. It is easily accessible from the city center, located on the Basuki Rachmat street, extending to the Embong Malang Street. There are 4 buildings, so basically the area is so broad to explore. It is known as a commercial area. The construction was carried out by PT. Pakuwon Jati Tbk .

Tunjungan Plaza

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This is not the only landmark done by the company. They are also known for building the Pakuwon Trade Center. This is another place to visit in Surabaya. It is located not far from the Supermall Pakuwon Indah. For the locals, Tunjungan Plaza is a place to spend the weekend. It is a family-friendly mall. You can take your kids to enjoy all the offerings.

It is a one-stop shopping center where everything is gathered in one place. You can find pretty much anything here. The buildings that compose the whole area were built one by one. It started with the construction of the Tunjungan Plaza I in 1986. This marked the change of the name and logo of the mall. The Tunjungan Plaza I is situated in the east, which is why it is also called the Plaza East. Of the four, this one was the first built before the others.

Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya

Image source: Foursquare

Though it is the oldest building, it is treated very well to this day. It was restored in 2007. As a result, it looks fresh and clean even today. There are many franchise outlets to be found here, such as Hero Supermarket, Gracia Cafe, The Athletes Foot, Matahari and many others. You can find anything here. There is a food court where you can satisfy your hunger fangs with all the tasty dishes. The Plaza Tunjungan II is what interspaces the Tunjungan I and III. There are many stores here as well, so is in the Plaza Tunjungan IV.






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