Indonesian Cuisine: Krengsengan

Krengsengan is a traditional food that originated from Surabaya. This delicious food looks simple. It is actually quite easy to make as the main ingredients are sold in supermarkets. You will fall in love with the taste especially if you are into Asian flavors. It is made of beef, one if its primary ingredients. Goat meat can be an alternative, but beware of its cholesterol because it is no secret that it has this compound very high compared to other meats.

If you are curious to know how it tastes, do not miss it when you’ve arrived in the city. It is also easy to make at home as long as all the ingredients have been prepared. There are different recipes that use different spices, but the main ingredients are the same. Krengsengan has been around for years and still become a favorite among the locals. That is why finding food stalls that sell this dish is not hard.

Krengsengan Surabaya

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Shrimp paste is needed to improve the taste. Some people do not really like it and they just skip it. Well, the taste does change a bit without this being added, but it still tastes great because other spices can make up for it. Pepper powder is one of the most important spices. You also have to prepare for a sweet soy sauce and some salt. A few tomatoes are also great just in case you love fresh food.

Krengsengan needs some chili. Even if you do not particularly like chili, we still think that it is important to add because it affects the taste and aroma. The same applies to tomatoes. You may not really like this vegetable, but it actually has an impact on the flavor. Add just a few slices and they will make a difference. It starts with cutting meat into cubes. Saute all spices and add the tomato slices. And then add the pieces of meat to the frying pan along with other spices. Add water and bring it to a boil until the meat becomes tender. Krengsengan is then ready to be served.





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