Indonesian Cuisine: Lontong Mie

Lontong Mie is a tasty dish you can easily find in Surabaya. It is very popular among the locals. If you want to know how it tastes, just try that. It is not expensive and costs like a typical traditional dish. There are some ingredients the food is made of, one of which is lontong. Lontong is actually boiled rice. Rice is first wrapped in a banana leaf and shaped like a cylinder. It is then put into a pot filled with water. It is cooked until boiling.

The rice inside the banana leaf will toughen in the end. The lontong will then be taken out of the water and cut into slices before being served on a plate. This is a popular food during Ramadan. It tastes just like cooked rice, but has a dense texture, which is the reason why it feels great to eat. It forms a solid mass because it absorbs water, but it will not turn into porridge because the banana leaf that wraps it around ensures that it becomes solid.

Lontong Mie

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Lontong Mie is obviously tasty. If you are a cuisine lover, you should not miss this, especially if you want to visit Surabaya because it is very easy to find throughout the city. Besides lontong, there are many other ingredients, such as bean sprouts, shrimp, garlic, soy sauce, and celery. The food is doused with sauce, so it needs many other spices.

If you really like Asian flavors, this one should taste great. It is made of ingredients that we usually keep in the kitchen. Do you know how to make it? Lontong should have been prepared before you start with the others. As said before, it needs spices. Saute all the spices with some cooking oil. Wait until the aroma comes out and add some water. Wait for a while until the water is boiling and then add the noodle. Once it is done, Lontong Mie is ready to be served.





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